The Feinting Goat (nypunkeer) wrote in fencing,
The Feinting Goat

Foil Lame Shopping Help

I'm presently in the market for a foil lame. I've been using our club's Allstar on and off for quite a while and, well, they would like it back.
I'm interested in others' experiences to use as a bit of a guide.
I'm looking for something of pretty high quality, and my budget cap is USD$200. My main concerns are durability and oxidation rate (I sweat quite a bit), as it will get quite a bit of use. Lightness isn't exceptionally high on my list, but would be a nice bonus. Also, the allstar tending to shred my jacket up a bit under the arm, another complaint I have with it.
I'm presently leaning in the direction of the following.

Triplette Super Duty - 5-7 is a nice claim, but I have doubts
An Allstar to replace the one I was using (albeit this was a bit hot, and the neck did oxidize to a lovely greenish patina)
Leon Paul's base model
Swordmaster Estoc - although I don't see an advantage of this over the Triplette super duty
PBT Inox

So, basically, can anyone offer any words of wisdom, lames to avoid, ones i may have overlooked, any of that jazz? It would be greatly appreciated.
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