Jed (evilninjafencer) wrote in fencing,

Adieu Coach! Adieu!

I and the rest of my fencing group learned that our fencing instructor passed away today.  We don't know when or how, but we are all severely saddened by his passing.

We're gathering tomorrow during the club's regular hours to commemorate him (we plan on attending or doing something for the services if it's in our area- he moved to WA state, we're in CA).  It'll mostly be fencers having a go at each other...and likely to end with booze and lots of somber staring into our vessels of drink.

We really miss that man.

Ray Coldiron
d. 2009
Veteran, Grandpa, Dad, Brother, Teacher, Coach, Fencing Maestro, and the best damned man I've ever known!
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